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June 01 2020

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Black Out Tuesday: music industry to go silent in protest for George Floyd

Black Out Tuesday

The music industry will observe a day-long ‘blackout’ tomorrow (June 2) in protest of police brutality and systemic racism following the killing of George Floyd last week.

The 46-year-old African American was murdered by a white officer, 44-year-old Derek Chauvin, in Minneapolis on May 25. His death – which was the result of Chauvin kneeling on his neck for nine minutes, ignoring his cries of “please, I can’t breathe” – has sparked the biggest protests in the US since thehellip;

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Munroe Bergdorf calls out L’Oréal Paris for black solidarity hypocrisy

Munroe Bergdorf

Munroe Bergdorf has criticised L’Oréal Paris for a post in which the brand stated that “speaking out is worth it” after it failed to support her when she herself spoke out.

As people around the world have been taking a stand against systemic racism and white supremacy in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd by white police officers, the beauty brand shared the statement on itshellip;

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Spike Lee shines a spotlight on police brutality in new short film

Do the Right Thing

Warning: the following video contains footage of the murder of black men by police officers.

Spike Lee has released a short film highlighting the brutality black men in America have suffered at the hands of the police and drawing parallels between the murders of George Floyd and Eric Garner with that of his Do the Right Thing character Radio Raheem. 

Opening with the words “Will History Stophellip;

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Designers show support for BLM protests after their stores are trashed

Marc Jacobs raided LA store Black Lives Matter protest

Sparked by the killing of George Floyd, mass protests broke out across America across the course of the weekend. In Minneapolis, New York, Washington, and beyond, people took to the streets to demand justice for Floyd, where they faced more of the police brutality they were fighting back against.  

In many cities, luxury fashion stores became targets, with some set on fire and othershellip;

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Glossier pledges $500,000 to support black-owned beauty businesses


Glossier has taken a stand against systemic racism and white supremacy and committed it’s support to the black community. As protests have erupted throughout the US over the past week in response to police brutality and institutionalised racial violence, the beauty brand has pledged a donation of $1 million to the cause. 

“We stand inhellip;

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The Unknown Martyrs Who Became Catacomb Saints

K-pop stans are stopping protest snitches by spamming police app


Protests have spread across the world this weekend (May 30 and 31) following the murder of the 46-year-old African American man, George Floyd, at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis. Demonstrators took to the streets in London, Berlin, and Toronto, showing solidarity with read more raquo;

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Your monthly horoscope: June 2020


Grace McGrade is an intuitive astrologer and priestess based in Los Angeles. She is the co-founder of ASTRAL ORACLES, an open-source spiritual community, and author of Palpable Magic; a website exploring prose about sex, love, Los Angeles and the occult.

June is a catalyst for big changes, and all signs are swept up by the air of celestial shifts, as we venture through the sign of Gemini. The Sun in Gemini makes us animated,hellip;

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aries horoscope June 2020 nbsp; trip cbd oil orange blossom nbsp; taurus horoscope June 2020 nbsp; lancome juicy tubes nbsp; gemini horoscope June 2020 nbsp; AMEN Jazmin candle nbsp;
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Decorative house Renovations Ideas with Minimalist Inspirations

May 31 2020

Thousands join anti-racism march in London in solidarity with US protests

Black Lives Matter London protest

Thousands of protesters marched in London today (May 31) in solidarity with demonstrations across the United States, following the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed African American man, by police officers in Minnesota on Monday, May 25.

Protests sparked by Floyd’s death and other fatal shootings of African American people, such as Tony McDade and Breonna Taylor, have spread across the US in the past week. Many of the protesters have been met with resistancehellip;

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Black Lives Matter London protestnbsp; Black Lives Matter London protestnbsp; Black Lives Matter London protestnbsp; Black Lives Matter London protestnbsp; Black Lives Matter London protestnbsp; Black Lives Matter London protestnbsp;
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Pussy Riot share a new song and video about police brutality

Pussy Riot, Manifesto Against Police Violence

The band and activist group Pussy Riot have shared a new song with the Argentinian artists Parcas, Dillom, and Muerejoven. Titled “1312” (a numerical representation of “ACAB”) the track confronts police brutality worldwide. “This is our demand to see the day when the pigs, the filth, the feds are namedhellip;

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