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November 14 2019

Watch our love letter to the attitude, style, and sound of Detroit

The entire popular music landscape owes many of its tricks to the city of Detroit during the Motown era. For Detroiters, Motown offers a time-tested model of a thriving artistic network rooted in young, Black ingenuity. Local artists are fortunate to have such a successful archetype of creative independence.

“The people in Detroit gave up their dollars to come to see a Motown Revue at the Fox Theatre, they knew our routines, they knew our songs, they knew our lyrics, and they wouldhellip;

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nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp;
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Gay and bisexual men in London have set up an ‘illegal’ blood bank

Gay and bisexual men set up an ‘illegal’ blood bank

In January, the NHS called for more men to give blood after statistics showed that twice the amount of women than men became donors in 2018. Despite this, current policy makes it illegal for men who have sex with men to donate if they’ve had sex in the last three months. Now, in protest against this restriction,hellip;

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‘Sexiest man alive’ is a tired phrase we need to leave in 2019

antoni queer eye sexiest man alive people magazine

As the end of the year, and decade, approaches, scientists are working out a way for us to change babies’ skin tones, height, and intelligence. While us regular human beings scratch around in the dirt trying to make sense of the world. 

For People magazine, this comes in the form of its annual Sexiest Man Alive award. Launching all the way back in 1985, every year – with thehellip;

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An abandoned Berlin supermarket is turning into a high concept store

Browns Nomad Berlin

For three days, an abandoned supermarket in Berlin will be turned into a concept store, bringing together music, fashion, and art for Browns Nomad. Described as a ‘unique retail roaming experience’, the event will see the London boutique take over the Mitte district, from November 14 to 17.

A stellar line-up of performances includes artist OrtaMiklos, British ‘urban jazz’ musician IAMDDB, artist and DJ read more raquo;

(...) żyjemy w kulturze, w której cenione jest posiadanie pewnych dóbr i ekscytujących doświadczeń: masz mieć fajne wakacje, superseks, ekstraprzeżycia. A do tego powinieneś atrakcyjnie wyglądać, przy czym to kultura powie ci, co można uznać za atrakcyjne. Żyjemy w społeczeństwie spektaklu, jak to określił francuski filozof Guy Debord. Co nie jest spektaklem, nie istnieje. Co nie jest sfilmowane, nie istnieje. Co nie jest w mediach społecznościowych, tego nie ma. Czego inni nie widzą, tego też nie ma.
— Bartłomiej Dobroczyński w rozmowie z Agnieszką Jucewicz "Czując. Rozmowy o emocjach"
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Most of us will never feel confident with our body image, new data reveals

body image survey confidence self esteem

A recent survey of 2,000 people carried out by OnePoll on behalf of the Fashion Retail Academy, sadly shows that most Brits never come to terms with their body image. 57 per cent admit they’ve never reached the point of body confidence and 29 per cent said don’t feel confident when shopping for clothes. 

“Living in the digital age, in which the airbrush is used a little too liberally, it is easy to see why people feel self-conscious about their body image. Consumers are beinghellip;

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Chelsea Werner: Showtime!

Chelsea Werner – winter 2019 11

Taken from the winter 2019 issue of Dazed. You can pre-order a copy of our latest issue here.

Following a day of rain, a huge expanse of brightly lit lawn stretches out in front of us at the Kips Bay Boys amp; Girls Club in the Bronx. Local youths flock here to enjoy its athletic facilities, including a fitness pool and an indoor running track. It’s the perfect place to photograph an athlete. But thehellip;

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Chelsea Werner – winter 2019 9nbsp; Chelsea Werner – winter 2019 7nbsp; Chelsea Werner – winter 2019 4nbsp; Chelsea Werner – winter 2019 1nbsp; Chelsea Werner – winter 2019 2nbsp; Chelsea Werner – winter 2019 3nbsp;
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Feral hogs in Italy have destroyed a shit load of cocaine

Feral hogs in Italy destroy cocaine

Remember in the summer when that guy made the case for assault rifles because he needed to kill the 30-50 feral hogs that regularly run through his yard? Obviously you do, and now you’ll be thrilled to learn that these wild boars are on tour in Italy and they’ve just destroyed $22,000 worth of cocaine. Yep, really.

The coke was reportedly stashed in a forest by a gang of drughellip;

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